Costa Rica - Dec. 2017

Costa Rica - Dec. 2017

Costa Rica - Dec. 2017

Costa Rica - Dec. 2017

Costa Rica - Dec. 2017


Getting started, about a year ago (late winter  of '17) friend Bonnie says to Sandra and me, casually, "How about a trip to the Caribbean next Christmas?"  And so, the planning began, with hours of internet research, narrowing the options, choosing Costa Rica and reserving the accommodations.  We got the trip arrangements together and then put them on the shelf for about 7 months.

7 months later

It's dark and early in the morning of Dec. 15, and we're up at some ridiculous hour as trip begins earlier than early. For the next twenty-one hours and 7,500 km we join the hoards of seasonal travelers in assorted airports.  Finally at about 11 PM we check into our hotel in San Jose and grab some much needed sleep.

 but it's beginning to feel like a holiday trip

The next morning we pick up our rental vehicle and Bonnie and Rich look for some necessaries as Bonnie's suitcase had decided to go somewhere else.   The route to our first lodge, Danta, is along a mountain ridge (read: many many curves).  The drive takes us about 8 hours (including lunch) and it's night time when we arrive at our destination but our hosts are happy to see us - and best of all we're in time for dinner.




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This lovely little foot bridge spans a creek with water levels much higher in the rainy season - that's why this is a tropical rain forest

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