Ahh:   Springtime in Central Europe and Greece

This trip divides neatly into two sections.   The first, May 4 - May14, we visited Central Europe (Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Germany and the Czech Republic).  Starting with a hotel stay in Budapest with a sightseeing trip of the city we board the AMACERTO for a river cruise up the Danube.  From Nuremberg, we transfer by bus to Prague for a two-night stay in that legendary city.


The second half of the trip began with a flight to Athens for two nights and a Food Tour.  On May 17th we met up with the leaders and other participants for the Walking Tour and transfer by bus to the King Minos hotel, in the small town  of Tolo, Peleponesia.  The hotel was our headquarters until our transfer back to Athens on May 23rd, the last day, for a wrap-up supper.

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