Venice (the city) and Sicily (the island) were both places that we had not traveled to before.   To the tourist, Venice is endlessly fascinating as a study of how cities solve their environmental challenges.


Just scroll down this page to see Venice and its adaptations.


Our Sicily walking tour featured hikes North and South of Catania on the Eastern edge.  I've darkened the area around Mount Etna to show how big a feature it is in that region.

Venice -2 days to visit

This is the "side street" near our hotel. There is a small arched bridge at the intersection of our "street" and the "main street" aka The Grand Canal.  (Right) A "bus" carries passengers to stops along the very busy Grand Canal.

Vendors know the power of colourful arrangements.

(above right)There are several bridges over the Grand Canal.  Each one is a place for meeting, greeting and eating.  (Right)  A couple of empty gondolas provide a historical note of a romantic time when the canal wasn't so busy and the water so choppy,

(above)    San Stae. one of many churches along the Grand Canal.  I have included this one because it is a good example of the Baroque style of architecture and we were going to see more in Sicily.

(above)   The Palace of the Doge at San Marco Piazza.

October 2016

October 3 - 24, a good time to visit Italy and the Adriatic coast as the sun, while still warm, is not to be avoided mid-day.


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