Italy September 2014

Italy September 2014

Italy September 2014

Eastern Tuscany


Day 3  Tuesday


La Verna:  High in the hills of the Tuscan Apennines the church and the Chapel of the Stigmata form the centre of the Monastery of La Verna.


It's a lovely day and the circular trail around the peak is a walker's delight.  For lunch Lorenzo has gone shopping for Tuscan picnic fare - there are tables in a wooded area and there is a little wine.   (We chip in to offset the cost).


Day 4  Wednesday


St. Francis Assisi was from Assisi so it is not surprising that the largest church in the city is dedicated to the Saint.


The stones used to build the houses etc. are very nice - a light pink.  Two fortifications were built to protect the city - the smaller one is near the road that leads to the Hermitage of St. Francis.


The gang of 8 and Lorenzo walk to the Hermitage via a path that relentlessly climbs over 300 m in 3 km.  I remember going back felt a lot better.




Lorenzo is explaining to Tony the origin of the bricked-in "window."


It is considered bad luck for the body of a deceased person to exit the house through the door way - so another exit is created for the purpose and later filled in again.


(I think I've got the gist, maybe?)