Italy September 2014

Italy September 2014

Italy September 2014

Eastern Tuscany


Day 5   Thursday


217 B.C. - Lake Trasimeno and all that



A lovely walk in the country and in the forests followed by a picnic lunch and a look at the site of the victory of Hannibal over the Roman army.


Day 6  Friday


I call the walk this day the "Victory Lap."  The skies are clear, the temperature is perfect and the path is truly 'undulating' if not slightly downhill.


We were all drinking in the vistas for the last time.


Slide 8 and the portrait view of the quintessential Tuscan road (below) contain a story:  Apparently Antonio and Iris Origo, owners of the Villa La Force commissioned a painting of the hillside opposite the villa.  The artist included a road and cypress trees by the farmhouse that was so perfect that they recreated the landscape to mimic the painting.


Life, it seems, can imitate Art.