Italy September 2014

Italy September 2014

Italy September 2014

Eastern Tuscany  For this portion of our walking tour of Tuscany we are headquartered in a former monastery on the outskirts of Cortona.  The six days of walks are divided into 3 pages to keep each page a reasonable length.  David and JR were the representatives on this tour as well, and Lorenzo, again, provided the hiking leadership and historical context.  In this task he was assisted by Marco whose scientific knowledge was appreciated.

Day 1 - Sunday


Val di Chiana used to be marsh with a mosquito / malaria problem.  Draining the marsh required the construction of canals starting in Roman times and completed relatively recently.


The afternoon was in the old city of Arezzo - foraging for lunch, exploring the old town and the fortress areas.


Day 2 - Monday


Morning's goal was the Benedictine Abbey of Farneta and the "cleaned up" crypt of the old church.


In the afternoon we were bused to Cortona to see the Cathedral and museums.  Dave and I were feeling "museumed out" so we walked down to the main square for a latte and to wait out the rain.