Italy September 2014

Italy September 2014

Italy September 2014

Florence:   The Slide Shows

To view each collection use your mouse to click on the (  <  ) or (  >  ) symbols

Below left - a morning food tour                        Below right  -  some of the incredible collection at the Uffizi gallery museum


left    The 5 sculptures included in this slide show are found in the Piazza della Signoria near the Uffizi Palace.  They are all significant works of art and all are just out there - free!



right   The Basilica Santa Croce has a beautiful facade.  The church doubles as a museum because of its collection of elaborately carved tombs of famous Italian artists and scientists.



The Pitti Palace houses many fine exhibits.  I found the frescoes to be the most elaborate and imaginative works of art.  In the centre panel the artist creates a 3D effect by extending the images and shadows beyond the frame.