Waterhole in Etosha Game Park

Namibia is a land of contrasts.  It is the world's 34th largest country but has a population of less than 2 million. It straddles the Tropic of Capricorn but the nights and sea coast can be very cool.  Overall it has few water resources but it supports a large and diverse animal population.


Cape Town area of South Africa is, on the other hand, well populated and green.  We didn't know how much you could miss green.

Namibia 2013

We arrive in Windhoek Sept. 17 after 2 over-night flights.   We fly to Cape Town Oct. 4 and leave for home  on Oct. 8.


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We traveled the "circle route" in a rental Nissan X-Trail and stayed at accommodations arranged by Go2Africa.com - generally heading in a counter-clockwise direction.