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Johannesburg and the Escarpment

Johannesburg - or Jo'burg as everyone calls it is the biggest city in South Africa. It is close to many mines - gold, platinum, coal..., and the areas surrounding are full of crops (lots of corn). We stayed in Jo'burg for 2 nights at a very comfortable, friendly B&B, "At the View" in a suburb on the west side of the city. After arriving by train, and renting a car, we found the B&B (hooray for GPS) and went for a hike in the bordering nature reserve. The next day we headed off to the "Cradle of Humankind" and specifically Maropeng, a museum, and the Sterkfontein Caves. The following day we headed east to the Escarpment, the high point of land (the high veldt) which overlooks by 1,000 metres, the low veldt and Kruger Park to the east.

The nature reserve adjoining "At the View" B&B. A protea bush near a small reservoir.

Nice trails including an area (fenced off) from an old gold mine (lots of quartz minerals around the area).

The Maropeng museum - full of interactive displays and exhibits related to the evolution of life.
A picture of a plaque at the Sterkfontein excavations - site of the finding of "Mrs. Ples" and close to another spectacular find of an entire early humaniod skeleton (Australopithecus, about 4.17 m. years old).

The caves were created by water seepage through limestone rocks.

And not too far away a game park and an obliging lion.
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