Overview:    Tahiti is 9,000 km from home.  Perhaps that's why it is the inspiration for so many travel dreams.  In 2014, May, we got to live the dream for 2 weeks.  Keep French Polynesia in mind if you are looking for a "south-seas" vacation.  It won't disappoint.

Week 1


This is a photo of our beach on the island of Moorea.  It's the 'dry' season.  Highs of 32˚C, Lows of 29˚C.


We're staying at 'Fare Miti' near the western point(Hauru)


We have already discovered that the water is warm, shallow and calm.  Sounds ideal for a 1 week stay?

Week 2


A photo of our cruise ship, the 4-masted M.S.Y Wind Spirit - our home on the water for the second week of the vacation.  The captain arranged this photo-op of the ship and  Bora  Bora in the background.


With a staff of 200 and 137 passengers we were well taken care of.


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